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SCRANTON — Perusing colorful display boxes for vaporizers and other medical marijuana products, Tom and Wendy Baranski visited the upcoming BEYOND / HELLO dispensary to learn on Tuesday.

The new medical marijuana dispensary at 1137 Moosic St. will begin selling marijuana products on July 31, becoming the second dispensary to open its doors in the city. It hosted an open house Tuesday night to give people a chance to speak to employees and producers of the products.

Although she sees them fading every day, negative stigmas still surround medical cannabis usage, and BEYOND / HELLO is working to break those misconceptions, said company President Blythe Huestis.

“Think of it as a place your mom or dad would feel comfortable shopping, because so many people do still have that fear or that thought that it’s wrong, and it’s not,” she said.

The dispensary will provide a variety of medicated products, including dry leaf cannabis, oil cartridges, topical lotions and patches, capsules and oral drops, she said.

Because the store didn’t have any marijuana-containing products on display, it could open its doors to people who don’t have state-issued medical marijuana cards. Most people have never had the chance to visit a dispensary, which creates a sense of mystery surrounding the stores, Huestis said.

“That’s what today is all about — helping remove that element of mystery so people can really feel comfortable about what we’re doing,” she said.

The company’s name reflects that, too.

“Beyond hello means that we like to go beyond a simple hello and a simple transaction and really start honest, transparent conversations with our patients, with our communities, with the medical professionals, and really work on kind of clearing out that negative stigma,” Huestis said.

BEYOND / HELLO has two operational dispensaries in the

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