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Hickory’s second CBD and hemp dispensary is now open at the corner of Second Avenue NW and U.S. 321.

Two construction professionals and a former Wells Fargo business banker are the minds behind The Green LYF.

Owners Jay Talbot and Matt Winebarger met William Daughtrey a few years ago through their other business venture, Superior Roofing.

“When I walked into Wells Fargo to open the business account, [Daughtrey] was the business manager there. He asked what we were doing, I told him and he said, ‘I would love to come work for you and manage your store’,” Talbot said.

Two months later, The Green LYF opened its first store at 1542 Second Ave. NW, with two more store openings in mind before 2020.

“The medicinal side of the cannabis plant is what we have to offer,” Daughtrey said.


ROBERT C. REED/HICKORY DAILY RECORD: William Daughtrey, manager of The Green LYF prepares to weigh hemp flower at the store on Second Avenue NW.


He said CBD education and consultation with customers, law enforcement or anyone confused by CBD and hemp will be the store’s priority.

“We want to be transparent,” Daughtrey said.

He explained that the store owners visited each farm and processing plant to assure the organic practices were up to The Green LYF’s clean standard.

Oils, lotions, and salves are some of the CBD-infused products sourced solely from Colorado, Oregon, North Carolina and even from Conover’s own Sugarleaf Labs hemp processing plant.

The interior features products placed on hanging shelves, a comfortable seating area and full-service “flower” bar.

When smokable hemp flower is purchased from the store, a driver’s license will be documented and the flower will be placed in a brown bag, sealed and labeled describing the contents. The process is

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