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As Rob Read hatched plans to open a marijuana dispensary in downtown Davis last year, a certain customer demographic remained top of mind. 

Read knew that Americans age 55 and older make up one of the fastest-growing customer bases for the booming legal cannabis industry. And, as a former executive of a local assisted living facility, he was well aware of the potential benefits of cannabis for seniors in particular. 

So in designing F Street Dispensary, Read and his business partner filled the shop with natural stone countertops, vases of fresh flowers and bright, natural light. Two enthusiastic retirees were among their early staff hires. 

“We wanted [the] ambiance to be senior-welcoming,” he says. “If we can make the seniors feel comfortable, everyone else should feel comfortable too.” 

F Street Dispensary isn’t alone in looking for fresh ways to cater to older cannabis users. From senior discounts to Weed 101 workshops, dispensaries, delivery services and assisted living facilities in the Capital Region are navigating business and policy implications of the spike in interest among this group.  

“We wanted [the] ambiance to be senior-welcoming. If we 
can make the seniors feel comfortable, everyone else should feel comfortable too.” – Rob Read, owner, F Street Dispensary

“They are our No. 1 demographic,” says Kimberly Cargile, executive director of the East Sacramento dispensary A Therapeutic Alternative. “Since cannabis was approved for adult use, we’ve seen a large increase in the senior population 
coming here.” 

The Rise in Older Users

When it comes to your typical pot users, golf-loving retirees and grandparents shuffling to their daily bridge game probably aren’t the first images that come to mind. Younger Americans make up the lion’s share of legal marijuana consumers. 

But as more states move toward partial or full legalization, data shows a spike in older users, too. The

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