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Catnip is like weed for cats: a few whiffs of this mint family plant will have your feline friend in the most enviable of blissed out states. 

But store-bought catnip, which comes dehydrated, milled, then packaged in a variety of toys or treats, doesn’t have the potency to keep your cat satisfied, says Toronto entrepreneur Mikey Fivebucks

That’s why Fivebucks—not his real name, by the way—says you should support the dank stuff being sold at Catnip Dispensary Inc. 

Boasting six different strains of homemade catnip, Fivebucks is attempting to raise $5,200 on Kickstarter to get his business up and running.

The entrepreneur, who gets his nickname from the fact he’s been taking on $5 side hustles for the past 15 years (like an intriguing gig that included ketchup art), says he’s been perfecting the art of making catnip for three and a half years. 

Cat Dispensary Inc. is a start up running out of Parkdale resident Mikey Fivebucks’ apartment. 

“It just kind of took over my life,” he says. “I’ve just been really obsessed with cat nip.”

Collecting seeds from all over the world, including seeds sent to him by friends from fields in Germany, France, and Spain, Fivebucks has been growing catnip plants. They now fill his bachelor apartment in Parkdale.

Growing them from seeds, plants are transferred to the balcony. From there he washes the catnip and hang dries it for four to five weeks.

All catnip plants are grown from seed, dried, and cured before being packaged.

The leaves are cured in glass jars with humidex readers for another five weeks. Nepetalactone, the chemical that gets your cat high by binding to receptors inside its nose, are more effective through this process.

“It keeps it flavourful and it keeps the natural oils,” says Fivebucks. “It’s moist, a bit like weed.”


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