Statewide Delivery to Launch in Massachusetts Next Week – Leafly

BOSTON—Beginning next month, a Brockton-based medical marijuana dispensary will become the first in Massachusetts to provide same-day home delivery to card-carrying patients across the state. The move, first reported by the Boston Globe, is expected to ease access for limited-mobility patients and those who live far from the state’s few dozen dispensaries.

Homebound patients have long struggled to get quality, affordable medicine in timely manner.

The statewide service, In Good Health, is set to kick off Monday, April 3, and will require minimum orders of $100. Delivery fees will range from $30 to $75, depending on location. And for now the dispensary won’t deliver to the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

The company will join another dispensary, Patriot Care, which currently offers limited local delivery around Boston and Lowell.

“We have proudly and successfully served thousands of patients since our dispensary opened in September 2015, but it has become apparent that a segment of the population has been underserved, such as patients who are too ill to visit a dispensary or who live several towns away from the nearest dispensary,” In Good Health’s president, David Noble, said in a statement.


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But not everyone’s so optimistic. Mike Crawford, a medical marijuana patient and longtime Bay State cannabis activist, said he’s wary of the news. He’s specifically concerned about the pricing and delivery fees in legal cannabis industry that he sees as already focused more on money than patient care.

“Product from dispensaries like In Good Health are already at a premium price point, and will now add a delivery fee, all for an industrial grown product,” Crawford said. “I’m not anti-dispensary but I am anti-monopoly, and all patients should have access to medicine, be it from

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