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Canadian cannabis operator Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. announced the grand opening of its 16th retail store last month.

The dispensary, which is Delta 9’s 11th store in Manitoba, is located in one of Winnipeg’s most established communities on Pembina Highway. The area hosts over half a million square feet of retail businesses and draws more than 50,000 cars per day.

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“We’re expanding [our retail] chain rather aggressively across Western Canada,” Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot tells Cannabis Dispensary. “We’re really looking to ramp up the pace that we’re expanding our retail operations. … That’s really the goal for us—continue to expand, add stores, build critical mass. Obviously, from there, [we’ll] make sure our value proposition for our end customers is as strong as it can be. We need to have the best products from the best suppliers at the best prices.”

A key piece of the puzzle for this kind of expansion—and for businesses in the start-up stage—is selecting a location to set up shop.

Here, Arbuthnot shares what has worked well for Delta 9 as it has chosen the locations for its 16 stores across Canada.

1. Identify existing stores that drive traffic.

Delta 9 has tier I, tier II and tier III locations, with tier I denoting a dispensary on what Arbuthnot calls a “major artery” where there is heavy vehicle traffic, such as in a strip mall or shopping center.

“We look for location partners that are large drivers of traffic, so things like grocery, liquor, pharmacy, fast food,” he says. “They’re already driving significant traffic to their retail businesses. Having a cannabis store located near those locations gives you the obvious exposure through vehicle traffic and then those key location partners, which has been quite successful for us.”

The overall visibility

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