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In April of 2016, the state of Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana, and since then the commonwealth has seen much-needed dispensaries provide critical medical relief to patients with serious medical conditions. One of those dispensaries, Restore Integrative Wellness Center, opened its doors in the City of Brotherly Love over a year ago and has gained momentous popularity with its programs and services. The recipe for Restore’s success is simply caring about its products, locations and, most importantly, its patients.

Restore recently celebrated its one-year anniversary at its Fishtown location on May 30, and the staff, including manager Rob Stanley, could not be more thrilled at the success of the dispensary. “I just want people to understand the gratitude that we have for being open in Philadelphia for over a year,” says Stanley.

Since opening its doors, Restore’s products have been wildly sought-after, and it’s easy to see why after witnessing the effort that goes into its services.

“We are one of the only privately owned dispensaries in Pennsylvania. We were the first to open in Philadelphia last year. We recently opened our second location in Elkins Park and we are opening our third location in Doylestown toward the end of the summer. We were awarded the second round of licenses, and hopefully next year we will have six locations in the Greater Philadelphia area as well,” says Stanley. “Right now, we are looking around for different locations and trying to gauge where we can best serve the patients. If there is an area of the state that doesn’t have that many dispensaries, we might look there.”

Dispensaries may provide care for some, but they cause a bit of distress for others. Stanley and the crew at Restore are hoping to break that stigma. “Some people may have a preconceived notion about

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