Sunnyside Dispensary Opens Its Doors in Oakland Park –

Of late, it seems like dispensaries are everywhere — but not all stores carrying cannabis products are created equal.

After Sunnyside dispensary opened up shop in Fort Lauderdale this summer, the business expanded to Oakland Park with its grand opening on Friday. Owned by Cresco Labs, the No. 1 wholesaler of cannabis products in the U.S., The Gazette chatted with Cris Rivera, the regional president for Cresco Labs and Sunnyside, about the new venture — and how it’s changing the landscape of health.

A quarter of your business is in Florida, with this being the 39th store nationwide. Why is Broward County an ideal location?

Fort Lauderdale is one of the premier population centers in the entire state and it currently only has around four dispensaries … It’s not a lot of dispensaries serving a large area. We’re excited to expand access, which is what this is all about — expanding access to patients so they can easily get their medicine. We’re all about making shopping for cannabis simple because we view it as going to CVS or Walgreens. It should be that easy for any patient to get.

What about Oakland Park in particular?

Oakland Park is the center of the Fort Lauderdale area in essence. Its population is growing, it’s a super diverse community, and it continues to see an increase in homes. The amount of growth that Oakland Park is seeing in the last four to five years is pretty impressive. Us being part of that journey of Oakland Park growing into its new self is really exciting for us.

What sets Sunnyside apart from other dispensaries around town?

It starts with the quality of the product. You’ll be hard pressed to find as good a medicine as in some of the other dispensaries. We’re really quite

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