Superette cannabis dispensary in Toronto resembles a retro grocery store – Dezeen

Bold graphics and a checkerboard floor feature in a Superette marijuana shop in Toronto, which was created by the brand’s in-house team in collaboration with Canadian designer Emily Robinson.

Based in Toronto, Superette was founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs Mimi Lam and Drummond Munro. The company now operates six brick-and-mortar shops in Canada and plans to open locations in the United States next year.

The shop is located within a complex made from shipping containers

Aiming to make “buying cannabis as enjoyable as consuming it”, the company has prioritised creating products and retail environments that have a nostalgic feel. Bodegas, pharmacies and hardware stores are among the influences.

The retailer’s latest shop is located at Stackt Market, a shopping complex made of shipping containers in downtown Toronto. Billed as the company’s first “SuperMarket”, the new 800-square-metre space has a look that mimics a classic grocery store.

A checkerboard floor defines the space

It was designed by an in-house team in collaboration with British Columbia’s Emily Robinson Design.

“SuperMarket follows the blueprint of a quintessential neighbourhood grocery store, from the interior design and customer flow to merchandising and product assortment,” the team said.

A partition separates the front vestibule from the main store

Wide, glazed doors lead into an entryway stocked with plastic shopping baskets. A tall partition separates the front vestibule from the rest of the store – a legal requirement for a marijuana dispensary.

The shop is awash in vibrant colours and graphic elements with a pop art aesthetic. Underfoot is a red-and-white, vinyl checkerboard floor.

The Superette store has a central U-shaped counter

Merchandise is displayed on simple shelves that one might find in a convenience store. In the centre of the space is a U-shaped checkout counter, and in the

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