Surveillance cameras help dispensary owner and police nab burglary suspects – KRMG

Persistence pays off for the owner of a Tulsa marijuana dispensary that suffered three break-ins in just nine days.

Danna Malone runs Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe near 61st and Mingo.

Exasperated by the repeated burglaries, she staked out the shop both in person, and also watching surveillance cameras from home.

She was watching the cameras from home Sunday night when she spotted suspects trying to break in for a FOURTH time.

She called 911.

“I have never shook so hard in my entire life, but I stayed calm, and I told them what was going on and where they were at all times while the police set up a perimeter,” Malone says.

Police successfully nabbed two teenage suspects as they exited the business.

They believe they’re responsible for the previous burglaries as well, but Malone plans to continue diligently monitoring her cameras.

“We are NOT going have any more break-ins here,” she said.

She says repairs to the broken windows and doors have cost her hundreds of dollars each time the shop was burglarized.

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