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Where to get your cannabis in San Francisco

Recreational weed has been legal in California for nearly a year now, and it’s had big effects on the dispensary scene in San Francisco.

Prior to January, our options, of course, were those operating for medical purposes—Amoeba Music on Haight Street, for example, was a popular stop for many in search of that magic medical marijuana card, where Dr. Samuel Dismond would dole them out. Sadly, according to Yelp, his business is now closed. Many others like his have shut their doors as more bougie legal recreational ones have taken their place.

While we mourn the loss of some of the weed shops of yesteryear, we can’t help but be into the new versions cropping up (shrug.) So, here are our top five favorite dispensaries in the city of 2018 (since the landscape is ever-changing). Have another favorite? Post in the comments below.

1. Harvest

Thrillist once described this joint as the “Whole Foods of weed shopping.” We couldn’t agree more. Indeed, this dispensary is all about organic, farm-to-table bud that has been handled only with natural chemicals. With such strict regulations around dispensary operations since legalization, it’s impressive they’ve managed to maintain such a sense of independence in a market that is becoming more commercialized. Organic edibles, tinctures, ointments, lotions: you name it; they’ve got it. Harvest has two locations: one in the Mission and one in the Inner Richmond. The latter is our preferred spot thanks to its gorgeous decorations (e.g., the chandeliers) and educated budtenders. They also have a farmers’ market on Saturdays where you can sample the goods.

TBI tip: Join the collective, and you’ll get free access to the lounge, where you can smoke and mingle with fellow collective members.

www.harvestshop.com | 4811 Geary Boulevard

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