Temporary medical marijuana dispensaries in Katy, rest of Houston help patients during pandemic – Houston Chronicle

Putting on pants every morning is a painful struggle for Julie Archer.

Archer’s left leg is fine, but she has to sit down to start the process of putting her right leg in the pants, which requires both hands and all of the 49-year-old’s upper body strength.

When that is done, she can put on her shoes. Again the left side is fine, but some of the toes on her right foot have curled under. She has fallen countless times in the 18 years since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“I can only lift my leg up about two inches off the ground on the right side; my foot just drops and you can hear me walking from a mile away. It’s called MS relapse,” Archer said. “Before this, I was real active. Then I woke up one day and was blind in my right eye for six months.”

Archer, of Deer Park, takes seven different medications and three vitamins to combat the complications of her MS. Three months ago, she was prescribed a combination tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) medication to cope with her pain.

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She takes a dose in the morning, and another just before bed. It helps her sleep and keeps her from constant excruciating pain, she said.

Archer is one of more than 700 Houston-area patients with a valid prescription for a THC medication, said Morris Denton, CEO of Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation. TOCC, located south of Austin in Manchaca, is one of three licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

There are no medical marijuana dispensaries in Houston yet, but TOCC has set up temporary dispensary sites in Katy and Houston on specific days and times to aid this area’s patient population. Typically arranged at doctor’s

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