The Botanist is not what one imagines when hearing the term “dispensary.” The chain’s retail locations are b – mg Cannabis Retailer

The Botanist is not what one imagines when hearing the term “dispensary.” The chain’s retail locations are bright, airy spaces awash in natural colors and living greenery, creating a sort of upscale-optical-shop-meets-plant-nursery vibe. Rustic wood, rattan, and terracotta add to the atmosphere, as do printed “field guides” that help patients navigate the world of cannabis.

“The Botanist’s design is essentially a sun-filled greenhouse,” said Creative Director Claire Coppins. She’s especially proud of the polished, golden tube lights suspended from the ceiling in a trellis-like pattern. Designed by Lee Broom, they connect and expand horizontally and vertically and can be arranged to alter form and function.


The genesis of the stores’ design emerged from a deep admiration of botany and those who were passionate about the intersection of science and nature. For inspiration, Coppins looked to parent company Acreage Holdings’ head of cultivation, renowned grower Phillip Hague. “Being able to tap into the mind of a real-life botanist allowed us to create an authentic brand—a brand that genuinely depicts the values, story, and craft of a botanist,” she said. “We discovered the true wonder and power of plants and cannabis, which we’ve woven into The Botanist’s branding and design.”

After refining the vision, Coppins hired mckinley burkart, an award-winning architecture firm based in Canada, to give the plan life. “When you have Mark Burkart, Walker McKinley, and Ursala Baig in a room, you know the result is going to be out of this world,” said Coppins. The design team and The Botanist’s management immediately began constructing an experience, not just a retail shop.

The first dispensary opened in Baltimore. The Botanist also now operates in Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Massachusetts, and Florida. All share the same design elements that make the concept unique.


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