The Face of Cannabis Brands: Budtenders – Cannabis Dispensary

As their primary role is to assist customers and patients, budtenders are likely the people consumers interact with the most, inevitably making them the face of the business.

Budtenders help patients navigate the world of cannabis consumption by advising them of which products to use based on their specific needs or providing them with a comprehensive knowledge of cannabis, different products, dosing and much more.

Joseph Hendrix, chief financial officer of Resonant Cultivation and Mosaic+, an Oklahoma City medical cannabis dispensary, described budtenders as the “most direct connection that your organization has with its patients and customers,” making it essential that dispensaries implement proper budtender training to ensure customers have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Cannabis Dispensary spoke with two industry professionals to explore the importance of budtender training and the best practices and techniques their dispensaries use in their training programs.

It Starts With the Patient

Corey Rimmel, operations manager at Feel State, a Missouri-based medical cannabis dispensary business, said one of the main things Feel State focuses on in its budtender training is the patient experience and how to offer excellent customer service.

“[We discuss] how to greet someone, how to sell an item, how to recognize social cues when talking with someone, and how to really get to know someone, learn something about them and make them feel welcome,” Rimmel said. 

One of Feel State’s goals is for budtenders to have more extended conversations with customers and answer their questions. And the dispensary works to provide budtenders with the proper knowledge to have those in-depth conversations with customers, he said.

Hendrix also expressed Mosaic+’s passion for ensuring patients have a great in-store experience.

“The goal for us is [to create] that trusted experience, where a patient knows when they set foot in Mosaic+, they’re going to walk out of there with a good experience [and] with

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