The growing industries made by businesses related to Ohio's medical marijuana industry without growing or selling it – News 5 Cleveland

CLEVELAND — In the year and two months since Ohio Medical Marijuana patients have been able to buy the drug at state-approved dispensaries, more than 2,000 people are employed either in cultivation, processing, and testing facilities, or in dispensaries.

The Ohio Department of Commerce tells News 5 there are 1,759 individual employees in the parts of the program it oversees.

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy tells News 5 dispensaries employ 967 licensed medical marijuana dispensary employees broken down as follows:

141 – Associated Key (Means an owner or prospective owner, officer or board member or prospective board member of the entity seeking a dispensary license) 339 – Key (Means an administrator or other person responsible for the daily operation of a licensed dispensary) 487 – Support (Means an employee who works within a dispensary but does not have authority to make operational decisions)

While more cultivators, processors, and dispensaries are still yet to open, likely employing more people, those opportunities will eventually be capped when the state program reaches its license limit. Securing those jobs also depends on passing strict screening and living near one of the state-approved facilities, which can sometimes be in rural parts of the state.

Yellow tags allow the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program to track each marijuana plant from “seed to sale.”

Outside those state-licensed businesses, Grove Bags is capitalizing on the growing cannabis industry across the United States and internationally.

The company’s journey started a few years ago with a trip to Colorado by co-founder Jack Grover.

“I was at a dispensary and I really realized that all the packaging that was being used was repurposed or reused stuff from the medical industry or the food industry and none of it was tailor engineered for cannabis,” said Grover.

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