The most important N.J. cannabis stories this week: Marvin Washington’s case, PA lawmakers rethink legalizati –

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Two top N.J. law firms join former NFL star to argue for cannabis rescheduling in the U.S. Supreme Court.

This past week, the industry showed up in support of former NFL star Marvin Washington’s efforts to have his case heard by the Supreme Court by filing numerous amicus briefs.

Joshua Bauchner, of Ansell Grimm & Aaron, and Paul Josephson, of Duane Morris, both filed amicus briefs for clients in support of Washington’s case.

“Patients today face an untenable choice,” Bauchner said. “They can either risk federal prosecution for using medical cannabis in accordance with state and local laws at the advice of their doctors, or risk serious, even fatal, health consequences. This is an unacceptable tradeoff that no one should be forced to make any longer.”

Josephson said rescheduling is a uniquely a Kafkaesque process, alluding to the nightmarish bureaucracy involved.

“The DEA denied each petition for a paucity of medical and scientific research but then actively prevents the very research needed to justify rescheduling cannabis,” he said. “The DEA process is not intended to resolve constitutional claims. By focusing on overreaching, bias and unsuitability of the administrative agency, we think we have a better than average chance to attract conservative justices who might not otherwise care about cannabis and garner the four votes needed to have the court take up the case.” (By Justin Zaremba | NJ Cannabis Insider)

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