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Since the mid-90s the states have one by one started legalizing marijuana to treat people for certain medical conditions. This started with California in 1996.  The same thing is going on with the states right now that are legalizing marijuana for recreational use. This leaves many of the states with one or both programs running. It also makes for some interesting cannabis statistics.

1. Dispensaries are Increasing across the United States

Using dispensary locator online you can find you dispensaries for any city in the United States. According to a 2017 survey, there were over 1,700 medical marijuana dispensaries located across the United States. That number is bound to have grown in the two years since it was done. Colorado still leads the pack with over 500 dispensaries, followed by Ohio that had 400. Other cities to note are Maryland with 102, Oregon with 345 and Arizona with 99. Even the places that have suspended the medical half of their marijuana industry in favor of just recreational marijuana are still increasing the number of store opening every year. It was, in fact, Washington State that stopped their medical marijuana program once the recreational marijuana operations took off in the state.

2. Revenue and taxes

It costs the states more money to try to prevent marijuana use then they save and the number of states that have legalized marijuana is making money into several million. It also creates jobs from around 7,000 to 10,000 depending on the state, the number of dispensaries and cultivation sites that are able to open and people to help get licenses and medical cards created and mailed out. Look at the sheer number of people using cannabis in California, that demand is simply not going away. There are also people to build the registry websites, the people

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