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BELCHERTOWN — A third marijuana dispensary is settings its sights on a historic building in Belchertown, which the dispensary’s owners say they hope to restore.

American Cannabis Co., which currently operates a store in Mobile, Alabama, is seeking a host community agreement to establish the business at 55 North Main Street in Belchertown at the historic Edwin Bridgman House, built in 1815.  

The company was originally scheduled to appear at Monday’s Select Board meeting, but Brandon Taylor, president and CEO of American Cannabis Co., said that the company canceled the appearance in order to have adequate architectural and traffic mitigation plans rendered in time. They hope to reschedule the meeting within the next couple weeks. 

While some of the members of American Cannabis Co. are from Alabama, others are from Massachusetts and New York.  They plan to move to Belchertown if they receive approval for the shop, Taylor said.

“We’re military families, all four of us,” Taylor said, referring to his business partners William Gosnell, David Demetz, and Byron Falconi, “so we’ve been all over the U.S. and the world. Eventually, we decided to establish ourselves in New England, and ended up in Belchertown for many reasons, some of them being we come from small towns, so we’re very open to bringing this industry to small towns.”

Taylor said that the company plans on giving back to the community and “going beyond the required contributions,” such as state-established sales taxes. 

If approved for the Edwin Bridgman House location, Taylor said that the company has reached out to the town’s Historical Commission and hopes to “restore the building to the closest we can get to its original state.”

Collective Copies of Amherst currently owns the property, which has been on the market for multiple years. 

Belchertown has already signed host community agreements with two other recreational marijuana dispensaries — Evergreen Strategies LLC, which is set to

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