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Exclusive Interview with Takoma Wellness Center Founders and Owners Stephanie Kahn and Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn

Takoma Wellness Center is a mom and pop dispensary in Washington, D.C., owned and operated by founders Stephanie Kahn and Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn for the past seven years. They spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about the evolution of the Washington, D.C., cannabis market and their dispensary and the likely launch of an adult-use program.

A Personal Mission

Both Stephanie and her husband had completely different careers before deciding to open Takoma Wellness Center. She spent decades working as a psych nurse and then worked in regulatory compliance with hospitals. He was a congregational rabbi for 30 years, serving congregations in Australia and the United States.

The married couple saw how helpful medical cannabis could be through Stephanie’s parents: Jules and Libby Reifkind. Her father used cannabis to help manage the symptoms of MS. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, her physician recommended cannabis to help with her appetite, but the family was unable to get her any.

Today, a picture from Stephanie’s parents’ honeymoon hangs on the wall in Takoma Wellness Center, and the family keeps their personal mission at the center of the dispensary’s operations.

The Kahns Were Inspired to Open Takoma Wellness Center by Stephanie’s Parents.

Stephanie and Rabbi Jeffrey are joined in the business by their son Joshua Kahn, who serves as COO. General Manager Charles Newsome, recently promoted, is also an important part of the Takoma Wellness Center team, which has a total of 35 employees.

The Washington, D.C. Cannabis Market

Washington, D.C.’s, medical cannabis program was initially voted in during 1998, but it was blocked by Congress from coming online until 2010, according to Rabbi Kahn. The market started out very small and highly regulated. Cultivators could

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