Three Tips For Your First Dispensary Visit – Civilized

By Melissa Sherrard  |  Apr 25, 2017  |  Dispense

If you’re fortunate enough to be somewhere that allows cannabis shops to operate legally, prepare to visit a welcoming, knowledgeable environment made to serve your marijuana needs. However, the first time you step inside a dispensary it may be a bit intimidating as you might not know where to start or who to talk to, even if you’ve been using cannabis for a long time. 

Cannabis dispensaries range in size and style, so it’s helpful if you can do a little research before your visit to find out about the what strains they currently have available and who some of the staff members are. Here we have a few tips to that will help make your first visit to a cannabis dispensary hassle-free and easy.

1. Bring Your Identification
It doesn’t matter if you’re first visit to a cannabis dispensary is for medical or recreational purposes; you are definitely going to need to bring your government-issued photo identification (driver’s license, passport, etc.). Just like at a bar, cannabis dispensaries have age restrictions they must follow and the workers may ask to see your ID as soon as you set foot inside. If it’s your first time visiting a dispensary for medical purposes, make sure to bring your valid medical marijuana card and any special instructions from your doctor.

2. Prepare to Spend Time There
Your first visit to a cannabis dispensary is something you need to put some time aside for, as it’s more than likely going to take a while unless you’re just having a quick look around. There’s a lot to take in: strains you’ve never heard of, helpful budtenders to talk to, and various marijuana-infused products to peruse. Also, several states require that medical marijuana dispensaries only serve

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