TILT Holdings Heading in a New, More Focused Direction – Cannabis Dispensary

On Feb. 19, TILT Holdings’ board of governors officially appointed Mark Scatterday as CEO, removing the “interim” from his title, and confirmed Tim Conder as the company’s newest president and COO.

The duo both joined TILT in 2019 through acquisitions made by the holding company—Scatterday is the founder of Jupiter Research, a vape technology manufacturer, and Conder is the founder of Blackbird Logistics, a cannabis technology company developing distribution, delivery and customer service software. With their new titles confirmed, Scatterday and Conder hope to make TILT profitable by refocusing on the company’s strengths.

In this Q&A, the executives share the dynamics of co-running a company, what the future holds for its cultivation and retail assets, tips for cultivators and more.

(Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for length, style and clarity.)

CBT: How will the executive responsibilities be divvied up between both of you?

Mark Scatterday: We’re really not operating a whole lot differently since I nominated Tim as my chief operating officer. I believe that was back in July of 2019. I’ve been interim CEO since May 10 for TILT Holdings. I was a former founder and CEO of Jupiter Research. We were acquired in January of 2019 then I stepped into the interim CEO role in May of 2019. In July of 2019, Tim stepped into the role as my chief operating officer and Tim and I have been working hand in hand with the refocus of TILT Holdings: cutting costs, driving revenue and just restructuring the company, so to speak. Just really focusing on some foundational and business principles: driving revenues, focusing on bottom line profits, cutting cost and the unnecessary spending and making sure there is proper allocation of capital.

With the board’s confidence I stepped into the role as permanent CEO. Tim and I have demonstrated

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