Tolland PZC allows medical marijuana dispensaries in town – Journal Inquirer

TOLLAND — The Planning and Zoning Commission voted Monday to amend regulations to allow medical marijuana dispensaries in town.

In a 4-1 vote, with PZC member Barbara Dimauro dissenting, the commission approved medical marijuana dispensaries in three areas — a community commercial zone, community industrial zone A, and community industrial zone B.

The community commercial zone promotes small-scale neighborhood businesses and greenways but avoids strip malls. It is located on the Hartford Turnpike past Mountain Spring Road.

Commercial zone A is located on the Hartford Turnpike on the Tolland-Vernon line. Commercial zone B is located on North River Road. The intent of the commercial zones is to provide for larger scale commercial and industrial uses.

Chairwoman Sue Errickson was absent for the vote.

The PZC, at its meeting at the Hicks Memorial Municipal Center, also decided to not allow the dispensaries in the Tolland Village Area, which is an historic part of the center of town.

“The question of validity of medical marijuana is something we are not here to decide,” said Andy Powell, acting chairman of the PZC. “It is something that has been decided by the state of Connecticut as a prescribed treatment option for a certain number of conditions. This goes to the conversation of what type of town are we. Are we the type of town that will tell people that a legally prescribed treatment is not allowed to be distributed in this town? Do we want to continue a moratorium on a legal treatment for certain disorders in our town?”

Dimauro disagreed, saying that town’s Plan of Conservation and Development — the plan acts as a guide for development in town as well as conservation of open

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