Tolono seeks referendum on cannabis dispensary –

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Posted: Oct 8, 2020 / 09:59 PM CDT/ Updated: Oct 8, 2020 / 09:59 PM CDT

Tolono is considering opening up for marijuana dispensaries.

They’ve already passed a three-percent tax on sales if one does open. Some local business owners approached the village board about a dispensary earlier this year. Mayor Rob Murphy says he’s undecided on the issue, so they’re looking for more opinions from the rest of the village.

One business owner says the potential revenue could be what the town needs.

“Our infrastructure really needs the help.” Jeff Lancaster said. “We’ve got a water system that needs $2 million dollars in repairs, and we’ve got plenty of openings for businesses but nobody to fill them. Businesses attract businesses.”

There is still some push back on letting Tolono be open to a dispensary. Local pastor Ken Young believes introducing legal pot to the community can be a stain on the family.

“What does alcoholism cost the family? Millions of dollars,” Young said. “So what’s this going to cost?”
The village board will decide by an advisory referendum on the November ballot. It’ll ask whether or not the village should be open to a recreational dispensary. If a dispensary is coming to Tolono, the mayor said he’d seek ‘extra rules’ beyond state requirements.

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