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If your customers have had good luck with cannabis for chronic pain or stress, they’re probably a great promoter of your products. However, a certain stigma remains in this industry—and creative, educational marketing strategies can help bridge that gap.

Determine Your Target

For those who have a strong focus on CBD products, your target market may be older folks with pets. You could set up a marketing email campaign around seasonal weather changes, when inflammatory pain becomes most challenging, to remind your target market that help is possible at your shop.

If your target audience ranges in age, as many dispensaries’ customer bases do, you should focus your marketing campaigns on the product itself, the quality of source ingredients and the limited-time offers available at your dispensary.

If you want to cultivation a younger audience, seeking the emerging Gen-Z demographic, you will need to tailor your campaigns to their interests. You can do this through design or with a partner business.

No matter what age your target audience is, it is important to always keep them in mind when you are creating these marketing campaigns. Always ask yourself if what you’re doing will be appealing to people who fall into these categories you’re looking for in your consumers. Think of both the customers you currently have and the customers you are trying to reach.

Go as Mainstream as Possible

Your dispensary is a legitimate and legal business. Do your best to work with cannabis-friendly professionals, from cannabis real estate companies to accountants to insurance agents. Once you have a solid business connection with these professionals, do your best to get your name out in the community.

For example, if you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart or you have hired someone who champions a particular cause, study up on

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