Up in smoke: Sunset Park marijuana dispensary snubbed, state officials say – Brooklyn Paper

Associated Press / Haven Daley

Gone to pot: Sunset Park may become home to Brooklyn’s first state-licensed pot dispensary,w hich would no sell buds like these, but rather oils and capsules that could be vaporized or swallowed.

By Caroline Spivack

Brooklyn Paper

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Talk about a pipe dream.

Members of Community Board 7 voted 27-3-9 on Feb. 15 to support Napenthea LLC’s quest to score a state-issued license to sell medical marijuana in Sunset Park, but Albany is not considering the company for one of the five new permits it will hand out this summer, because the company did not rank high enough in the Department of Health’s evaluation, according to a rep from the state.

“Nepenthea LLC is not one of the applicants that the department has reached out to and is not currently being considered for a license to manufacture or dispense medical marijuana,” said state Department of Health spokeswoman Jill Montag.

That didn’t stop the company’s chief operating officer from making his pitch to Community Board 7, though — as far as he knows, Napenthea is still in the running.

“I’m not aware of that. I have no communication that states that,” said Christopher Etts. “We were told that we could put in an updated application with new locations because of the five new licensees. I can’t speak for the Department of Health. I can’t assume what the [Department of Health’s] process is. That’s all I can say.”

In 2015, the state evaluated Napenthea and 42 other companies licenses that would allow them to sell doctor-prescribed ‘dro, according to state records. The

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