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Utah’s medical cannabis program had only been open for a week when the entire state (and most of the country) went into full-fledged lockdown due to COVID-19. But despite the fact that most of the state has been under limited-contact orders ever since that fateful week in March, Utah’s cannabis program is growing. Richard Oborn, director of the Utah Department of Health says that the state currently serves as many as 8,890 patients and over 6,000 patients purchased marijuana in Utah from March-July 2020. 

Mike Standlee, owner of Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary, a dispensary with two locations in Utah, only expects the program to grow, especially if the government decides to federally legalize. He believes that federal legalization will allow a whole host of other patients to also benefit from medical marijuana. 

“[Once the federal government legalizes] I predict that there will be new products [created by a] gained understanding [of cannabis properties] to target different conditions or symptoms. [So far] the federal government has caused difficulty in doing any types of meaningful research into cannabis.” 

Right now, medical cannabis usage is only approved for individuals who have cancer, Chron’s disease, epilepsy, or any of the other conditions listed by the health department. Patients who are suffering from one of these ailments must meet with a physician who is also a licensed QMP provider (a list of providers can be found on the state’s website). The provider will look over your medical history to determine if you are a good fit. 

Image from Perfect Earth Modern Apothecary

“The average patient is who you might not assume, a grandma or a grandpa,” says Adam Goers, vice president of company affairs for Columbia Care, another company planning to open a dispensary in Utah. “It’s important for everyone to realize that [medical cannabis]

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