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Las Vegas is bigger than life. Casinos that fashion themselves as Paris, New York or Bellagio. The hottest entertainers. And, millions of visitors.

It’s also home to the largest cannabis dispensary in the world — owned by the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe.

Fourteen tribes in Nevada negotiated a bill with the governor’s office two years ago that allowed each to use marijuana on tribal lands. After that bill was signed into law, the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe took on the challenge of opening not just any cannabis dispensary, but a state of the art, Las Vegas style enterprise.

Benny Tso was the tribe’s chairman when the dispensary, Nuwu Marketplace, opened its doors and drive through window. Inside the 15,800 square foot building, customers are able to buy a wide array of cannabis products: flower, infused alcohol, smoking devices and even dog treats.

Tso is no longer the chairman, but still serves as a council member.

“When we first contemplated doing this venture with the tribe, we took a look at our current economic development,” said Tso. “We seen a pattern that wasn’t too appealing to the tribe. So we had to start thinking of other ways to diversify the revenue for the tribe.”

The 14 tribes involved in the bill started the Nevada Tribal Cannabis Alliance to present draft legislation to the governor at the time, Brian Sandoval.

“I’m proud to say that the Las Vegas Paiute tribe, along with a few other select tribes got on a conference call,” Tso said. “The goal of that board was to make sure that all tribes in Nevada had a voice in cannabis.”

The bill authorizes the governor’s office to enter into agreements with tribal governments related to the use of marijuana.

The Nevada State Bill 375 was approved on June 2,

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