Vero Beach may get the area's first medical marijuana dispensary … – WPEC

VERO BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — 

Medical marijuana is legal in the sunshine state.

But the places where you can get it are few and far between.

A medical marijuana dispensary may soon be open in our area.

Ashley Scurry of Vero Beach, a mother of two small children, says having a medical marijuana dispensary in Vero Beach could be just what the doctor ordered.

“Personally I think that if people need it and it’s gonna be legalized then you might as well be able to buy it. I feel like getting it illegally and everything like that is actually more harmful,” Scurry said.

A single-story brick building at 1814 Commerce Avenue, which appears to be mostly vacant, could soon become a medical marijuana dispensary.

For some, the idea of a medical marijuana dispensary here may be a tough pill to swallow.

“I’m not opposed or for it because I just want to see, do some research and find out what happens,” said Tom Heveron, owner of Beachland Cleaning Service, 1848 Commerce Avenue.

“If that’s what people need to make themselves well, then that’s fine with me,” said Cindy Garner, who works at a business nearby.

The medical marijuana dispensary would be just two blocks from homes, and less than ¾ of a mile from Vero Beach High School, the VBHS Freshman Learning Center, and a Boys and Girls Club.

People living nearby seem to be willing to give it a chance.

“I think if it was recreational use I’d be a little bit hesitant, but if it’s strictly for medical purposes I’m fine with it,” said Rachel Cornish, who lives about two blocks from the site of the proposed medical marijuana dispensary.

One resident is concerned it might be easier for teens to get their hands on pot, if a dispensary

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