Virginia Governor Signs Marijuana Reform Bill As State's First Medical Dispensary Prepares To Open – Marijuana Moment

The Oregon campaign behind a ballot initiative to decriminalize drug possession and expanding funding for substance misuse treatment is rolling out a series of TV and online ads promoting the measure.

The advertisements, which feature people from a diversity of backgrounds speaking to their personal experiences with the drugs and the criminal justice system, come as mail-in ballots are being distributed to registered voters.

Thematically, the short spots are consistent in their message: low-level drug offenses should be treated as a public health issue, and subjecting people to the criminal justice system for substance use is counterproductive and carries life-long consequences.

Here’s each new ad, along with their scripts:

Hubert Matthews (TV)

“My name is Hubert. I’m a veteran. I’m a father. I’m a productive member of society. Now that I’ve been clean for 10 years, I go into the criminal justice system courts and let the system know, look, jail is not going to help this person. We need to get this person some treatment. This is why I know that treatment is the answer to helping people change their lives, not the criminal justice system. I know Measure 110 will help me be able to help more people. Help us by supporting Measure 110.”

Amelia Fowler (TV)

“My dad was always my biggest cheerleader. He was always behind me, 1,000 percent. But he struggled with drug addiction. He wanted to quit using, but couldn’t. We couldn’t find him treatment and support. He died of an overdose last November. I’m supporting Measure 110 to provide treatment and recovery services, not punishment for possession of a small amount of drugs. Putting people in jail ruins families, when treatment can help families. Yes on 110 will help.”

Katie, RN (TV)

“I’m a nurse who treats

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