Want to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Minnehaha County? Here's how much a license application will cost – Argus Leader

Applications for Minnehaha County’s first marijuana dispensary could open soon as early November.

Minnehaha County commissioners met early Tuesday and set fees for medical cannabis license applications. The application includes a $5,000 initial application fee, a $25,000 renewal fee and $100,000 licensing fee.

In discussions about the application fees, commissioner Cindy Heiberger advocated for high application fees.

“This is the only revenue we get. We get no tax revenue or anything else off marijuana,” said Heiberger.

Commissioners were concerned about the additional burden the introduction of marijuana will bring to law enforcement and their criminal justice costs, as well as taxpayers countywide.

“This shouldn’t be an added cost to our taxpayers, We should try to protect them from not having incurring tax burden from law enforcement for enforcing this or dealing with any crime that spins off this business,” commissioner Jean Bender said.

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