Washington man arrested after breaking into a dispensary – RADIO.COM

Burglaries happen often at dispensaries, and businesses are fighting back with high tech security systems. These upgraded systems allow proprietors to send tapes to authorities more quickly.

Justin Childress of Washington, 40, allegedly broke into Humanity Wellness dispensary on Cleveland Avenue in Santa Rosa early Friday morning, and was apprehended soon after in a vehicle stolon in Trinity County. He was booked into the Sonoma county jail on a number of felony charges.

Santa Rosa Police Sergeant Christopher Mahurin told KCBS that the security footage, and how quick it was transferred to them, was instrumental in the apprehension of Childress.

“We were able to access some of the camera footage from the burglary itself which helped us identify kind of a make and model of the vehicle and a suspect description.” He said that the officers used that information to “set up a wide net perimeter,” allowing them to stop and arrest Childress.

When the vehicle was stopped the burglary tools were still in the car, along with cannabis likely stolen from the dispensary.

Sergeant Mahurin said that a lot of the time “things get tossed out of a window, or disposed of before we locate them.”

It appeared that Childress had used tools to pry open the doors, rather than driving through the front of the building which police say is more common.

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