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Back in the day if you wanted to buy weed you might have to meet someone in the parking lot of Walmart at 11:38pm and just hope they don’t rob you.

But with the legalization of cannabis in many states, and even Canada as an entire country, things have changed drastically. Now, instead of sketch barns, we buy cannabis from dispensaries.

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What is a dispensary?

A marijuana dispensary is a store that legally sells cannabis products and accessories. There are two types: medical cannabis dispensaries and recreational adult-use cannabis dispensaries.

In the United States, medical cannabis use in some form is legal in 33 states. Adult-use is legalized in 11 states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.

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Outside of the U.S., cannabis is still completely illegal in the majority of countries. Canada is the only country in the world to completely legalize recreational adult-use cannabis.

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Why is it called a dispensary?

The word “dispensary” has often been used to refer to locations that dispense medical supplies or medications. Considering the first cannabis retailers were medical facilities, it’s no surprise that the U.S. cannabis industry would adopt “dispensary” as its preferred term.

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It should be noted that while “dispensary” is often the preferred term, in Canada, recreational dispensaries are often called “retailers” or “stores.”

The difference between Medical vs. Recreational Dispensaries

The difference between medical marijuana dispensaries and adult-use marijuana dispensaries comes down to the requirements for entry and purchase.

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Medical Dispensaries

To buy cannabis

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