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After delayed opening a recreational cannabis dispensary is to open at corner of Henderson and Main Street. (Rob Nguyen/TKS)

For Illinois, the new year came with the legalization of marijuana throughout the state. The new law, signed in June 2019 and implemented on Jan. 1, made it legal to grow, sell, possess and consume cannabis recreationally for those 21 and over. Use remains prohibited on campus due to it remaining illegal federally.

It is easy to feel intimidated by going to a dispensary for the first time. Sam Beem, senior, visited the Peoria dispensary over break and urges newcomers to not be nervous.

“Most of these dispensaries (in Illinois) have a great deal of experience with this stuff, having worked with medical patients for years prior,” he said.

As far as what it looks like and how it works, Beem thought it was pretty mundane, and compared the entrance waiting room to the DMV. It is important to have a state issued ID with you, or you won’t even be allowed in. Once you show your ID, you are given a number and when you are called you enter the store itself.

“It reminded me a bit of an Apple store, in that it was very minimalist and clean,” Beem said.

One thing that caught Beem off guard was that you don’t actually get to see the products laid out physically in front of you. Rather, there is a tablet and TVs at each counter where you can view products from a screen and decide what you want from that. While Beem didn’t expect this, he thought it worked well as it was organized and easy to find what you want.

At the Peoria dispensary — and possibly others — customers are limited to one purchase only. Another important note is

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