What would medical marijuana legalization mean for Asheville's CBD and hemp shops? – Citizen Times

For years, Lisa Z. suffered from anxiety, aches, pain, nausea, body shakes and general inflammation. She has scoliosis, and a rare condition where she’s missing an organ. Though she was in pain, she said the traditional medical sector didn’t have any relief to offer her.  

“I have a weird enough condition where they just don’t have anything (to treat it). You can use Pepto-Bismol for the nausea, you can get anxiety meds, but I’m just not a big fan of using that kind of chemical Band-Aid,” she said.  

Support for legalizing weed?:Legalizing weed in North Carolina gets support from powerful lawmaker

When she was in college, she first started smoking marijuana and said she finally found some respite  (the Citizen Times agreed not use Lisa’s last name). Over time, she transitioned from weed into CBD, and now she works at Apotheca, a CBD and hemp shop, which just opened a new location in downtown Asheville.  

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