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Marijuana is the talk of the town right now. High-profile celebrities and athletes love having a smoke or two, and legalization has increased consumption in many states — but it doesn’t stop there. It’s taken on a new role as people become more aware of its health benefits. No longer used just for recreation, marijuana plays a crucial part in maintaining or improving people’s health.

There was a time when neighborhood dealers and small-time peddlers were the only sources for weed. However, today, it’s relatively easy to buy weed from legitimate sources.

Read further for information on buying weed, delta 8 THC, CBD, and other cannabis-related products.

The Best Way to Buy Weed In the United States

There are multiple ways to buy weed if you can do so legally. If not, your best bet is to try delta 8 THC. For those with legal access, here are your options and why one is the most reliable.

Recreational and Medical Dispensaries

If you happen to live in a state where marijuana is legal, it will be relatively simple to find weed near you. Most likely, you’ll find dispensaries in your area offering a variety of products. You must be of legal age to buy weed, though.

Medical dispensaries are an option only if you have a medical marijuana card. You have to have a qualifying condition to get one.

The Black Market

There are usually multiple dealers in every city. It used to be the only way to buy weed, but things have changed now.

Buying through a dealer is illegal and can bring about serious consequences. Not only can it cause legal problems, but it’s dangerous.

Why is Buying From a Dispensary Better Than Buying From a Dealer?

Maybe you think it’s your only option, but buying

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