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The cannabis industry’s biggest cultural celebration of the year is coming up on April 20, and that means we’re in the midst of the biggest sales week of 2019. Last year, 4/20 saw $32.12 million in combined sales in California, Colorado and Oregon. Now, businesses are preparing for a surge in longtime customers and first-timers alike. 

Robert Braun, senior operations manager of retail and delivery at Caliva in the Bay Area, says that it’s an important week when cannabis business should focus on doing what they’re already doing best.

“You have to make sure your processes are in place,” Braun says. “It’s not an industry that’s been around a long enough time to know what the demand of 4/20 is. We do some demand planning, and we do some increase in buying. But it’s going to be a year-over-year learning experience for everyone in the industry.”

2018 data. Source: BDS Analytics

This year, Braun says, his team is capitalizing on vape purchasing trends. The dispensary is heavily marketing its own suite of brands, as well as popular products like the Airo Pro vape pen. 

To do that, Caliva has focused its marketing efforts on a dedicated customer base. While the company has dabbled in more selective advertising to specific customer niches, Caliva has kept in close contact with the customers who’ve been helping to build the dispensary’s reputation.

And now, with a second location open in south San Francisco, the San Jose-based company has pushed its 4/20 advertising efforts further into the northern reaches of the Bay Area. This geographic reach also comes in handy with the dispensary’s continued investment in delivery, a growing portion of its overall sales.

“We’re all in all week,” Braun says. “We started out 4/20 sales early.”

Much like the broader retail industry’s emphasis

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