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Angelique Herrera , Courier Staff
February 8, 2021

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Back in October of 2019, the Macomb City Council had approved the sale and purchase of adult-use, recreational/medical marijuana, and was open to allowing a marijuana lounge or dispensary to open up shop on a special permit. At the start of January 2021, there were rumors among the people of Macomb that a dispensary was to open up shop soon, somewhere in McDonough County. Those rumors were confirmed this February. Windy City Cannabis has now taken residency where Shooters was once located and is said to open their doors sometime in Spring 2021. 

After talking with a group of Western Illinois University seniors, they unanimously agreed that allowing a dispensary to open up in Macomb will greatly benefit the community and be a new pivotal factor in more students wanting to attend here. One gentleman, a Law Enforcement major, wanted to remain anonymous, but stated, “I believe that allowing a dispensary to open up in Macomb will significantly benefit the community. During the council’s decision-making process, they stated that they would be able to collect up to 3.75 percent of sales tax on top of what would already come from local governments. I know that being in a college town, there will always be consistent buyers of both medical and recreational marijuana. I hope that with this new form of revenue, Macomb will continue to expand and put the money back into the community. Possibly, bringing more chain restaurants or variety into Macomb.” Amongst this group, there was also talk of how convenient having a dispensary here would be. The most current and closest dispensary to Macomb right now is located in Canton, Ill., which is about an hour

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