With ‘Lil’ Buds,’ this Massachusetts dispensary hopes to make quality cannabis affordable – MassLive.com

On the shelves at Bud’s Goods and Provisions in Worcester, customers can find expected cannabis products like pre-rolls, a selection of flower and edibles. But one product is unique: Lil’ Bud’s.

Alex Mazin in opening Bud’s wanted to make sure that quality cannabis is affordable for daily consumers. The idea led to the creation of the Lil’ Bud’s product, an eighth of cannabis for $30, a bargain compared to other dispensaries in the state.

“I wanted to make legal cannabis affordable for anyone over the age of 21 and not just one time, but someone who is a consistent user and really, in many ways, it’s part of their lifestyle on a daily basis,” Mazin said. “I wanted to make that customer feel like they could participate and purchase legally for the rest of their consumer behavioral timeline.”

Lil’ Bud’s is an exclusive partnership between Bud’s Goods and Revolutionary Clinics. Bud’s Goods is a retail shop that sells products made by partners. Revolutionary Clinics has medical dispensaries in Somerville and Cambridge and a cultivation facility in Fitchburg.

Smaller buds of cannabis are often used to make pre-rolls. Usually, consumers who purchase an eighth want to see larger buds in their package explained Tom Schneider, the head of marketing at Revolutionary Clinics. So now, those little buds get packaged and head to Worcester. Making pre-rolls is a lot of work, Schneider said, so packing the small buds as an eighth saves on labor.

Mazin said he approached the Lil’ Bud’s idea thinking as a consumer rather than as a business owner.

“It was like, ‘what would I want to see in a dispensary whether it’s mine or not.’ And I would like to see a really good quality flower at a really affordable price that I could consume on a regular

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