Women in Cannabis: Q&A with Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbé – Cannabis Dispensary

Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbé will be the first to note that their dispensary adorned with houseplants, hardwood floors and white leather furniture is quite a far cry from the overflowing ashtrays, blacklight posters and milk-stained Fruit Loops bowls a cannabis customer might find in their underground dealer’s basement.

The co-founders of Greenhouse Wellness in Ellicott City, Maryland, are “‘Doing Dispensary Their Way,” as Cannabis Dispensary shared on its January/February 2020 magazine cover. Together, Apgar, who serves as medical director, and Dubbé, who is CEO and lead investor, even subvert many of the norms of the legal dispensary business.

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“We invest in the community,” Dubbé told writer Jolene Hansen. “We’ll teach. We’ll go into hospitals, hospice and doctor offices.”

Greenhouse Wellness takes a medical approach to cannabis—Apgar is an OB-GYN, Dubbé a serial entrepreneur who co-founded TheraPearl for sports injuries. In creating a business around wellness, one thing they do is pay close attention to the needs of women customers and employees. This Women’s History Month, we asked them about how other women in the industry can succeed.

Cannabis Dispensary: What unique perspectives do women bring to the cannabis industry?

Gina Dubbé: I believe that women bring a level of compassion and caring because women are the primary caretakers, usually, for a family. While 50% of our patients are women, 80% of the women in America are the caregivers to the family. So, we believe strongly that women have a voice in cannabis.

Dr. Leslie Apgar: Well, obviously as an OB-GYN, women have been the target of my audience for most of my career, and it is amazing how much they silently suffer. As, usually, the entry point for the family in the healthcare world, it’s important that they get their needs

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