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A commonly asked question is “how can I get a job working in a dispensary?” While there is no one size fits all response, the following sheds some light on a few of the qualities we find desirable in a potential team member:

1. Passion for the Plant

Plain and simple, you have to love cannabis! Now, this does not mean you need to be a heavy consumer or a consumer at all. However, you do need to have a very strong curiosity about the plant and the potential it has to help individuals improve their quality of life.

2. Willingness to Learn

A common misconception that in order to work in a dispensary you need to know everything about cannabis. While a strong knowledge base is beneficial, to an extent, it is the desire to continuously gain that knowledge and stay abreast of new information in order to best serve consumers that is of most value.

3. Professional Versatility

Every day, there is an unlimited number of tasks that need to be completed within a dispensary and only a limited number of team members to complete them. Those individuals who are able to wear a number of different hats are extremely valuable to an organization.



4. Empathetic Listening Skills

There will be consumers who are visiting a dispensary for the first time, especially in a newly legalized market (such as Missouri), who may find the experience a bit overwhelming. It is absolutely key that a team member is able to really focus on what the consumer is saying in order to best help them achieve the most benefit from their cannabis consumption. 

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Cannabis is still very much an emerging industry and individuals who are highly motivated self-starters will help shape its future. Team

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